Families On Mission

All too often, a parent or youth will participate in a mission trip and return to his or her family on fire for Jesus only for that fire to be squelched because his family has not had the same experience.  Families who go on mission together are able to fan the flame of missions in their family and cause missions to not be a once a year event, but a lifestyle.  It is often said, “when the children are older . . . ‘ Why wait? Children who are raised doing missions will have a much greater grasp on growing up with a global perspective and a personal desire to share Christ with the nations.  FMI provides a missions opportunity for the whole family.  A typical “missions trip schedule” may not meet the needs of families with smaller children.  Keeping in mind the age and capabilities of your children, we provide a schedule that maximizes your time on the field while also accommodating for the needs of the younger participants.   If the Word of God is to reach every tongue, tribe, and nation, the next generations will have to be much more serious than their predecessors.  As parents, it is our duty to instill a missions worldview in our children. This is only possible modeling such a life and allowing
it to be an expected part of their own lives. It is crucial that our children come to understand that
God calls ALL of His children to GO in some capacity or another.

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